Equal Opportunity & Discrimination Policy Statement

It is this Company's Policy to provide equal employment opportunities in accordance with the developments in the legislation to protect against discrimination in employment whether it is direct or indirect. Management can call on specialised knowledge from external sources for advice.

These policies are related but not limited to: Recruitment & Selection, appointments, promotions, transfer, leave of absence, termination, rates of pay, training and use of facilities.

The Company will ensure that all persons are selected, promoted and treated equally on the basis of their relevant aptitude, skills and abilities without regard to race, colour, religion, age, sex, nationality or disability.

All Company employees are required to comply with this policy and acknowledgement is given that specific responsibilities fall upon management, supervision and individuals involved in recruitment and employee administration.

It is the duty of all employees to accept their personal responsibility for the practical application of the Policy.

All employees are made aware, by including this policy in the Employee Handbook, that the Company will act in accordance with all statutory requirements and take into account any relevant codes of practice.

All employees who have a disability will receive the necessary support within reason to enable them to carry out their normal duties effectively.

The Company is committed to an on-going programme of equal employment and non-discrimination for all and will assess this policy at regular intervals.