Our Training Policy Statement

Training is a vital part for growth not only to the Company but also to all individuals at Imperial Office Furniture Ltd.

It is this Company's Policy to train and develop its personnel at all levels to give job satisfaction, a safe working environment and successful personnel policy. Management can call on specialised skills and knowledge within the Company and from external sources for advice on training matters. To achieve this we are members of the 'North Lancs Training Group Ltd' (NLTG).

The Company will:

  • Comply, as a minimum with all legislation and regulations.
  • Provide 'Induction & Training' for all new employees as well as existing employees, including relevant Health & Safety information.
  • Provide 'Specific Job' training to all new employees as well as existing employees who are changing job disciplines within the Company, including Health & Safety information.
  • Identify the longer-term development needs of those employees with potential to progress beyond their present job and to meet those needs when they are consistent with the needs of the Company.
  • Will keep a record for each employee showing the training received.
  • Monitor the training records and revise as necessary in order to meet changing business needs.
  • Review the policy and objectives annually or when appropriate.
  • Make the policy available to the general public and the other interested parties.