Our mission is to combine the skills and attributes of our workforce with a commitment to provide both a professional and high quality level of service. Our aim is to fulfil the requirements of all our customers to their complete satisfaction. We care about the environment and what impact we have on it that is why we are always aiming to minimise waste, recycle as much as possible and use as less energy as we can. We are always monitoring and looking for ways to improve our impact via our ISO140001 Environmental.

We continuously invest in training for our workforce and make sure they are working in a safe and healthy environment.

Our strategic business plan is to grown naturally within the capacity of well trained workforce and our close relationship with our customers and our UK based supplier chain. We are always looking for ways to improve and develop the business and hold regular Management meetings to discuss any new areas we can develop or improve in. This year we have been accredited with the Fira Gold Installation Certificate which has been an amazing achievement for Imperial, alongside this we have also invested in further machinery which will enable us to grow further by adding extra production capacity.

At Imperial we believe in a friendly, supportive approach to generate a positive working relationship with all our dealer network.