Freedom X

Sit/Stand Height Adjustable Bench & Desks

Trim Colours
Board Colours
Description Freedom X is Imperials electric Sit/Stand and Height Adjustable bench and desking range. This is available as a individual desk in rectangular format or as a fully cable managed, back to back bench solution. As an electric desk, both can be specified with an up/down simple switch or a digital display programmable switch that can be pre-set for 3 heights. Supplied with anti-collision built in to prevent damage to yourself or other equipment.
Certification FIRA Certified

Corona Virus (COVID-19) Notice

Due to the unprecedented situation with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic we have taken the decision to temporarily close our manufacturing capabilities to ensure the safety of our staff and dealers. We aim to resume manufacturing on or before Tuesday 14th April 2020. The situation will be reviewed on a daily basis to maintain compliance with government guidelines. The Sales, CAD, Marketing, Accounts and Customer Service Departments are all fully functional and working remotely to continue dealer support through this difficult time. For more information and contact details of these departments please follow the link below.